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Production Base
Production Base

Taishan Artificial Turf Ppoduct Industry Company purchase highly advanced Taishan Turf Ppoduct production equipment from word famous enterprises to guarantee product quality and production efficiency.Specifically speaking.we purchased extruders fr


Taishan Artificial Turf Product Company has the extrusion line with the word& 39;s top technical level, which can fuly guarantee that our artificial grass achieved the global hight-quality standards


The Taishan Turf tufting machines are specially designde by the word-famous turf machine manufacturer Their tufting


Taishan coating process is specially designed by the word famous equipment manufacturer The scientific coating metho


The PU coating equipment is supplide by the Perprtual Machine Company who has 120 yeas of techical experience an

Quality Control

Our company attaches great importance to the quality control work In order to ensure the production of hight-quali

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