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Taishan Sports serves the Olympic athletes, "Created in China" will shine on the venues of Tokyo Olympic Games
Release time:2021-07-22 00:00:00

      On July 23rd, 2021, the 32nd Summer Olympic Games will open at the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo, Japan. On July 5th, the olympic games service team of  Taishan  Sports officially set out to start the journey of Tokyo Olympic Games, marking the official entry of Taishan Sports service team into "Olympic time".

     The Olympic Games will be held in a special context, and security issues such as epidemic prevention are the focus of the Olympic Games. In the February 2020 Olympic Games qualifying competition, move to Jordan because of the COVID-19 epidemic. In the qualifying contest of Tokyo Olympic boxing, Taishan sports put the most stringent,scientific and epidemic prevention into the first place in all work, ensuring that there was no mistake in the epidemic prevention and control work. During the Tokyo Olympic Games, Taishan sports service team further improved various measures for epidemic prevention and control according to the needs of the new situation, and strictly implemented the epidemic prevention behavior standards in all aspects of clothing, food, housing and transportation,in orderto ensure the effectiveness of epidemic prevention and control,and better serve the Tokyo Olympic Games.

      As the exclusive equipment supplier and service provider for several projects of the "Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games", Taishan sports will provide strong and professional equipment support to athletes of various countries in more than a dozen projects such as boxing, wrestling, judo, taekwondo and bicycle with new materials and new technology products.

      The intelligent ski simulator, professional sliding artificial grass with function of release negative oxygen ions and other sports equipment independently developed and produced by Taishan sports fill a number of domestic gaps, help the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games and Winter Paralympic Games, in order to serve more than 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports.

      As a national sports brand of the Chinese people, Taishan sports has only been engaged in the sports industry for more than 40 years. Through continuous independent innovation, Taishan sports has changed "domestic gaps" into "world leaders", realizing a historic leap "from bedside to the world".

      Up to now, Taishan sports has participated in the formulation of more than 90 international and domestic standards of the industry, and nearly 200 products have passed the certification of  IAAF, International Judo Federation, International Rowing Federation (IRF), International Gymnastics Federation (FIG), International Weightlifting Federation (IWF), International Basketball Federation (FIBA), Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), International Hockey Federation (FIH), International Tennis Federation (ITF), and the number of international certification is the highest in the world in the same industry.

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