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The brand value of “Taishan sports” jumped to 26.343 billion CNY
Release time:2021-06-01 00:00:00

      “Shine the Shandong business card, Highlight the brand value "-- The 2021 Shandong Brand-achievement Press Conference and Brand Construction Summit Forum officially announced the information list of Shandong brand value evaluationin the 2021 years. With brand strength of 928 and brand value of 26.343 billion CNY, “Taishan Sports Industry Group”(the parent group company of  Taishan Artificial Turf Industry Co.,LTD) was listed on the top list of brand influencein" Shandong Business Card ". The brand value increased by nearly 6.6 billion CNY over the previous year, highlighting the achievements made by “Taishan Sports Industry Group” in promoting high-quality development.

      At the meeting, Mr.Bian Qingfeng, vice chairman of Taishan Sports Industry Group, delivered a keynote speech entitled "The world share the Taishan quality---Global Sports Ecological Leader". Taishan Sports has focused on the sports industry for more than 40 years. As a famous world-class sports brand, it has an excellent brand reputation all over the world. Based on integrity and innovation, Taishan has helped many champions in the international competition, and has grown into "Champions of Sports Industry”and “setter of  international standard ".

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