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Taishan Sports Group and Xinhua FC help youth football development
Release time:2021-03-18 09:43:18

GeneralSecretary Xi Jinping stressed that "sports carry the dream of national prosperity and national revitalization, while sports are strong while China is strong, while national sports are prosperous." Football is known as the world's first sport, loved by all ages and all walks of life. Teen--agers are the future of the country and the hope of Chinese football career. In order to better promote the development of China's youth football, TaishanSportsGroup and Xinhua FootballClubjointly held a series of activities incityJinan andcityLeling on November 14thto promote the development of campus football, consolidate the foundation of youth football, cultivate excellent football talents and contribute to the steady progress of football.

On the morning of November 14th, Xinhua FC, TaishanSportsGroup and RuiyiSportsCompany jointly held the "helping youth football development - the founding ceremony of Xinhua FC youth training League" in Jinan. At the ceremony, Jiang guopeng, chairman of Xinhua FC, delivered a speech and announced the implementation plan of the youth training League, putting forward suggestions and development direction for the development of Shandong youth football. In the subsequent interactive competition, the young players fully showed their understanding and love of football. The wonderful game was full of teaching and entertainment, and the dream of football was planted in each young player's heart. Xinhua FC and Taishan Group actively help to plug in the wings of take-off for the dream.

On the afternoon of the same day, TaishanSportsGroupand Xinhua FC friendly match opened at Taishan stadium incityLeling. Before the game, Xinhua FC and Taishan Group donated football and other hardware equipment to the "Organizing Committee of Leling primary and secondary school football league" to encourage young people to actively forge ahead, bravely climb the peak, read good books and play well, and repay their motherland with outstanding achievements. In the subsequent friendly match, the players of Xinhua FC and TaishanSportsGrouphad a fierce competition on the Taishan artificial turf. Both teams showed a high level of technical and tactical literacy. The players gave full play to the characteristics of broad vision and clear mind, and presented an excellent duel for the audience.

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